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Land Sale Date: October 26, 2021



Daily Quests are kingdom-wide quests that are doable per player, per day. Doing a quest will reward a useful amount of KING, and completing a set of them (5 will be given per day, 3 need to be done) will yield more KING. Quests can also reward clay, stone, and wood.

Daily Quest Example Are:

  • Upgrade a Building
  • Send an Attack
  • Explore a Dungeon
  • Conquer a New Land
  • Explore a Specific Dungeon


As a guild, players would get an additional set of quests to undertake to get more resources for themselves. Examples of these quests would be:

Example of Guild Quests

  • Attack a dungeon with 2 or more guild members
  • Support a guild member

These quests would also reset daily.